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United Worlds of Creativity and DeFiNOBUNAGA TOKEN

12 pm - 10 pm JST on April 10th, 2021,
Nobunaga token, NBNG will be listed on Uniswap.

Around 430 years ago,
a commander won fame throughout the Far East country.

He would be known to history as Nobunaga Oda.

The first to unite this ancient land in an incredible feat of genius,
Nobunaga Oda became one of three great warriors praised in the annals of history.

At the same time, he inspired a sense of fear and awe that would never be forgotten.

Inappropriate, brazen, elusive,
prudent, innovative, and above all pragmatic,
he upended traditions and conventions,
while deftly choosing the most effective means to achieve his goals.

To the people of Japan, he embodied a spirit unlike anything seen before.

"Tenka Fubu" - Peace and Prosperity through Power Throughout his life,
he continuously repeated this phrase.

This declaration revealed his desire to create a better world for all not by suppression through military might,
but by ensuring an end to conflict and war.
In a period of endless strife, his vision for society seemed nothing short of impossible.

However, it was through these words that he achieved unparalleled greatness.
What is more, it was the philosophy behind this motto that built the economic foundation of the Far East country of Japan as we know it today.

His words were transformed into the laws and practices of the common person,
and they continue to live on in the social fabric.

This truth is testament to his understanding and commitment to the essence of things.
He was always focused on a future he knew would one day manifest itself,
if given the chance.

Fast forward to today, we face a feeling of entrapment by the powers that be that is no less grave than the medieval forces reformed by Nobunaga Oda.

And one of the prime factors behind our current shackles are the economic and financial traditions that seek to bind us.

In 2021, a new token has come forth,
bearing Nobunaga Oda’s name and honoring his philosophy.

It seeks to reexamine the financial conventions practiced by people up until now.

Focused on a newly-emerging future,
it promises to pay the utmost respect to the cultures surrounding us.

To realize its vision,
Japan’s first domestic DEX is born.


  • Max total supply

  • Distribution volume

  • Gas Price

  • First in Japan

    NBNG is a governance token at SENGOKU SWAP.FINANCE (SSF), Japan's first international decentralized exchange (DEX). NBNG is an ERC20 token, for a total of 1 billion NBNG as a protocol token for SSF.
    Click here for NBNG smart contract address

  • Yield Farming

    Yield pharming at SSF ensures liquidity. If you deposit an ETH and NBNG currency pair (LP) in SSF and provide liquidity, you will get NBNG as a secondary incentive. You can also earn NBNG as a secondary incentive by staking each currency alone.

  • Japan Culture X NFT Store

    As the first step, the NFT store "Rakuza", which is an asset of Japanese pop culture, will be transferred to smart contracts as NFT with the actual cels and manga originals as collateral, and anyone can freely display and auction. Launch We are also considering the release of Rakuza tokens in the future.

NBNG is through DEX SSF and NFT store Rakuza
Build an economic zone that connects culture and finance.

NBNG IS AVAILABLENow available to trade our token on Uniswap.



  1. 01 OCT. 2020

    Sengoku Swap.Finance and Governance Token NBNG Project launched

  2. 25 MAR. 2020

    White paper released

    >> Click here for white paper


  1. 31 MAR. 2021

    Governance Token NBNG ICO

    2,000 ETH equivalent sold out in 10 minutes

  2. 10 APR. 2021

    Listed NBNG on Uniswap

  3. 22 APR. 2021

    Launch Japan's first DEX Sengoku Swap.Finance

    * AMM Decentralized Exchange (DEX) protocol Uniswap model as the first phase * Tokens such as TENSET, ZKSwap, SushiSwap, centrality, DODO, and CARDANO will also be listed.

  4. late APR. 2021

    Rakuza NFT store beta version release

    * NFT store for anime and manga cels and original drawings


  1. Scheduled for Jul. 2021

    Rakuza NFT Store Second Update

    * Expansion of creators and market functions * Over 1,000 items handled

  2. Scheduled for Jul. 2021

    SSF layer update

    * Significant reduction in gas consumption* Scalability 100 to 200 times that of Ethereum Mainnet

  3. Scheduled for Jul. 2021

    Rakuza NFT store
    Issuance of Rakuza tokens

  4. Scheduled for 2021

    Listed on NBNG major exchange


What if I want to know more about the project?

Most of information will be released on this website. Also, please check the white paper currently available in two languages, Japanese and English.
In addition, there is also a Twitter account for SENGOKU SWAP.FINANCE, so please check those as well.

>> Click here for white paper
>> Click here for Twitter

How can I get the NBNG token?

You can join the ICO or convert it to ETH sequentially on exchanges such as Uniswap and SSF after April 10, 2021.
Please prepare a wallet that supports ERC20. The following wallets are typical.

Please tell me how to trade on SENGOKU SWAP.FINANCE (SSF).

Since SSF is developed based on Uniswap, you can trade with the same usability as Uniswap.
SSF's unique farming content will be announced on this site and Twitter to the SSF release.

How are the items in the NFT store Rakuza listed?

Items purchased from companies that actually handle cels and manga originals, and sellers who make a successful bid at the auction will upload them to the NFT store.
The current outlook is that we will be able to prepare nearly 1000 items.

I participated in the ICO, but I have not received NBNG yet.
Please tell me about the situation.

We are currently taking that situation seriously.
At the ICO on March 31, 2021, the number of people and speed of remittances were higher than expected, so a system error occurred temporarily and the payment from the person who set the gas bill higher was preferentially reflected.
For those who have completed ETH payment to this side by the time the 2,000ETH quota is sold out, we will responsibly send NBNG.

NBNG IS AVAILABLENow available to trade our token on Uniswap.

NBNG was inspired by "Nobunaga Oda",
Japanese Sengoku commandar.